Packing – Travelling Light

Some of you will know that we have decided to travel pretty light on this trip.

Quite a few months ago when we started planning I (Matt) was reading around on the internet and found heaps of advice around long round the world trips – all stating take much less than you think and if possible get it all into a carry on. While initially we thought this was a bit crazy we started to get into it and eventually decided we were going to do our trip with a single carry on each.

Long story short and many many painful ( to Rachel) and fun ( to me) hours of internet research later we had decided on and purchased bags, clothing , shoes etc .

So for those who are interested you can see some pics of our gear below:

Our bags are convertible travel packs that can be used in a number of ways. Vital stats on weight below. These are legal carry on size and I used mine for a practice on my week to Chicago in June 2012 , worked a treat.

  • Matts: 6.5 kg
  • Rachels : 6.3 kg


For those of you who are even more interested we won’t go into the specific packing list but I have two pairs of shoes and a pair of jandals, Rachel has one pair of shoes and  a pair of sandals, we have plenty of general clothing for most weather and don’t feel short on anything at this stage ( this stage being we haven’t started the trip yet!).

Rachel just wants to chip in here and state that her weight of 6.3kg includes Matt’s jandals!


Bottom line though if we find this isn’t working we can cave in and buy different bags and / or more gear – no dramas.

Why are we doing it ?

Many reasons but here are some:

  • Don’t have to wait at luggage carousels at airports and can check in later for many flights
  • Security of knowing where your stuff is at all times
  • Weighs less when you are walking around with it!
  • Easier to move around in general- packing is faster when moving around often
  • Save on baggage fees
  • Simplicity of not having too much stuff and knowing what you do have
  • Because we’ve said we would do this and now have to follow through

We also have a ‘personal item’ each – Rach has a handbag and I have a ‘man bag’ where we can carry stuff like passports and Kindle e-reader etc.

Above is everything we’re taking.

Next post will be Aloha from Hawaii!